3 Easy Ways To Make Unique Sounds With Simpler

Ableton question markTechnical stuff getting in the way of your creative process?


Whether your brand new to Ableton or you’ve been using the program for a while this 3 part video series will remove at least one of those technical road blocks by giving you some useful ways of using the Simpler Instrument. I’ll walk you through using one sample to create 3 very different sounds in Ableton.


In this first video I’ll talk you step-by-step through setting up the Simpler and creating a new instrument using a saxophone sample. You’ll learn a really easy way to use the simpler instrument and I even threw in a little something extra for you around the 6 minute mark!


CLICK HERE to download the sample and follow along with the video.



In this next video you’ll learn a quick way to make a completely new sound with the same sample as the last video. This will be really helpful for making sounds that are more dynamic which can give your tracks more dimension and depth for your listeners.



In this last video you’ll see how you can create a riser or shifter sound which can be used as a transitional element in your song or as a background sound to give the feeling of movement within your track.


The first two videos walked you through creating two unique synth sounds using one sample, in this video you will use that same sample to create three separate parts to make up one sound. Check it out in the video below.



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