3 Little Known Ways To Promote Your Music

Promote Your Music OnlineLooking for new ways to promote your music?
After posting links to my music on social media, trying to get friends and family to share my tracks, and just tossing the songs up on SoundCloud for them to waste away with a couple dozen listens, I decided to look for new ways of promoting music online. If you’re looking to successfully promote your music online, however blasting your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media accounts with links has not been working out very well, then check out the video below. In the video I share with you 3 ways you can get your music in front of new listeners.
Click the play button on the video to get the details.
Here are some of the highlights from the video:
1. Fiverr Gigs
Finding the right gig to promote your music. Here are some things to look out for:fiverr
  • The quality of the promotion.
    • How will your music be shared or promoted?
  • Check their website, audience, or method of promotion.
    • Do they have a substantial audience to promote to?
    • Are they actually reaching an audience that will engage with you and your music.
  • Check to see if their audience is interested in the kind of music your are sharing.
2. Meetup.com
Finding the right groups to promote your music in! Here are some things to look out for:
  • Join meet up groups with people who are interested in the same music that you are making.
  • Look for groups that attend concerts or festivals related to your genre
  • Look for groups of people who are making similar music to your own
  • Find groups with active members who are attending meet ups or at least posting comments on the meet umeetupp page.
  • Connect with the person or people who started the meet up group

If you don’t have any groups in your area, you can create your own meet up which will helps to bring people together.

Here are a few ideas for creating your own meet ups:

  • Networking events to meet with local industry people
  • Fan based groups to
  • Listening parties for members to play their music or to listen to works by your favorite artists
  • Event based get togethers (i.e. – attending concerts, festivals, house parties, etc.)
  • Share your knowledge through workshops for things like songwriting, music production, recording, mixing, arrangement, publishing, promotion, etc.
  • Here’s an example of a MeetUp that I recently organized with a group that I am a part of, Click Here to check it out.

3. Pintrest

Images get shared a lot online and you can capitalize on using images to promote your music with Pintrest.pinterest-logo Here are a few tips:

  • High quality images are pretty easy to create these days with a smart phone and a filter app.
  • Do your own photo shoot creating some eye catching unique pics that relate to your genre and things happening within your industry (i.e. – Hip Hop, EDM, Country, Pop, etc.)
  • Create images for useful things that people would want to share such as Festival survival kit ideas, etc.
  • Make sure all roads (links) lead back to “Home Base” by connecting the image you share on Pintrest directly to your Bandcamp page, LiveNation page, SoundCloud page, Website, or whatever you choose.


Social Media is still a great tool for promoting yourself and your music but there’s ways of doing it that will get you better results. Here’s a helpful article with some good tips for using social media to share your music without annoying people.

Did I miss something? Let me know if you have a unique way of getting your music out to new people online by dropping a comment below! I’d love to get your feedback.




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