Since becoming an instructor at an audio school (SAE Institute),   I’ve seen many producers struggle with using EQ to make their tracks sound Polished.   After producing and mixing hundreds of for myself and others, people have started to seek me out for mixing advice almost daily.   However, […]

What Every Producer Ought To Know About EQ!

What do these two guys have in common? There is a long standing debate as to which one actually started the Labor Day tradition. If you’re not from the US, it’s basically a day to celebrate the people who make stuff happen. You know, the hard working people down in the […]

The Power Of Contrast In Music

Imagine for a second, you’re an up and coming artist or music producer who wants to get discovered.   You sign up to play your music in front of a panel of talent scouts in a room full of people who want the same thing you want. To get discovered […]

Avoiding The Secret Music Career Assassin

I was out with some friends at a bar the other night where they have old school arcade games that you can play for free!!! It’s called The One Up and I recommend checking it out if you’re in the Sherman Oaks area!   We had a couple drinks and […]

What Frogger Can Teach You About Making Music

Technical stuff getting in the way of your creative process?   Whether your brand new to Ableton or you’ve been using the program for a while this 3 part video series will remove at least one of those technical road blocks by giving you some useful ways of using the […]

3 Easy Ways To Make Unique Sounds With Simpler

I was exhausted, my head ached, my eyes burned and I was curled up in the fetal position on the floor of my bedroom thinking, “Why the hell can’t I make any damn money?”   Maybe you can relate…If not, then thank your lucky stars! If you CAN relate then you will definitely […]

Exposing The Secret Profit Killer

Have you ever worried that you would buy something online, only to have the painful realization that you’ve been played for the fool?   I don’t recommend buying a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s online from anywhere other then an established retailer? Talk about scammers…   I was trying to get […]

Avoid Sleazy Online Scams By Devious Gurus

7 free tools for better sounding music
Looking to share your music online? In this post I'll share with you 7 free tools that will help give your music that polished sound before you send your music out into the world. The easiest, most affordable and accessible way to get your sounds...

7 Free Tools For Better Sounding Music

Native Instruments Maschine MK1 USB repair
Are you having problems with your Native Instruments Maschine not turning on or is the power dropping out while you’re using it?   If your Maschine won’t turn on, it’s likely that your USB port is not supplying enough power or has stopped providing power to your Maschine. The USB port on […]

Free Video Reveals Cheap Fix For Native Instruments Maschine

an easy way to create unique drum samples
Want to know the easiest way to make some unique drum samples without a recording studio or a drum kit, without buying drum loops or drum samples, and without searching the internet just to download some crappy drum samples? Watch this video and I’ll show you just how you can […]

Discover An Easy Way To Create Unique Drum Samples