an easy way to create unique drum samples

Discover An Easy Way To Create Unique Drum Samples

an easy way to create unique drum samplesWant to know the easiest way to make some unique drum samples without a recording studio or a drum kit, without buying drum loops or drum samples, and without searching the internet just to download some crappy drum samples? Watch this video and I’ll show you just how you can make your own unique drum samples that actually sound like high quality drum samples!


You can use this to add some flavor to your hip hop drum tracks. You can also use this to add some real acoustic or analog sounds to your digital drum sounds if your producing Trap, Dubstep, EDM, or any other kind of electronic music.


Feel free to open up your DAW of choice and follow along with this video. Even though I am using Ableton Live 9 to create these sounds, you can apply these techniques using any DAW (Logic, Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, Reason, Cubase, GarageBand, Reaper, etc), along with a basic microphone input that comes built into your laptop and your own voice. As long as you have those three things you will be able to follow along and test this out for yourself.


In this video you’ll learn how you can use some simple tools to create your own unique drum samples!
Breaking Up The Sounds
The first thing you should do is break down the sound that you are looking to make. I’ll start by showing you the different parts of the sounds that you will be creating. The kick can be make your own kick drum soundbroken into two parts, the snare sound can be separated into three parts, and the high hat and snap sounds both only need one sound. 
The two parts of the kick drum sound are, the attack and the body of the kick. The attack is the sharp, punchy noise at the beginning of the sound while the body of the kick drum is more of the thump that happens after the attack. In the video I show you how I created both of those sounds, along with a secret tip that helps to make the kick drum sound more full. Watch the video to find out what I used…
snare drumThe three parts of the snare drum sound are the attack, the body of the snare, and the actual snares of the drum. The attack is the sharp noise made when the stick hits the head of the drum while the body of the snare is more of the resonant sound that comes after the stick hits the head of the drum. The snares that sit under the snare drum make a sort of “shhh” noise. Often times in EDM music white noise is used to enhance this part of the snare sound.
hi hat
The last two sounds are pretty simple. There is only one sound for both the hi-hat and snap. The hi-hat noise can be made by trying to pronounce the letter “T” followed by the letter “S.” The longer you hold the “S” sound, the more it will sound like an open hi-hat sound. A short “S” sound will make it sound like a closed hi-hat sound.
Making Your Drums Hit Hard
It’s ideal to process the individual sounds, then group them together and process all of the sounds as a group in order to make them sound like they are all one sound. I used EQ, compression, distortion, saturation, and gates for the sounds in order to get them to sound the way that I did. I also used the pitch tool in order to pitch one of the kick drum sounds down by 24 semitones or 2 octaves. Then I used some basic reverbs and delays to make the drums sound a little cooler.
Once you are able to get all of the sounds to sound like an actual drum kit, you can began to program your drum patterns. You can see in the video how I made my drum patterns. I also threw in some extra tips and tricks to help you get your drums sounding even more interesting and unique. For example, making a copy of your snare and adding a delay to one of the snare sounds and using an arpeggiator to make your high hat sound do some cool stuff.
What kind of sounds did you end up with? Drop a comment below to let me know. Also, if this post helped you out, make sure to hit the share buttons to share it with other people who might get some use out of this.


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