Exposing The Secret Profit Killer

I was exhausted, my head ached, my eyes burned advice on starting a business onlineand I was curled up in the fetal position on the floor of my bedroom thinking,
“Why the hell can’t I make any damn money?”
Maybe you can relate…If not, then thank your lucky stars! If you CAN relate then you will definitely want to pay close attention to what I learned after that fateful night. But before I share that with you, I should fill you in really quick on what got me to that low point in the first place.
The business plan seemed easy enough at first. Meet people, invite them to a meeting and let the team do the rest of the work. I figured that since I’m good at talking to people it would be easy to do in my spare time from work. I soon found out this would not be the case.
I was wasting what little spare time I had just to try and find people who I could “share my opportunity” with. Which led to getting fed up with all the anxiety of cold calling people and trying to shmooze them into watching a video or get on a 3-way call…
After a less then ideal start into the world of Entrepreneurship, that only seemed to be getting worse, I thought there has to be a better way to go about doing business than trying to convince everyone they need what I have.
I decided to consult with the Almighty Google to see if I could find an easier way to get the job done and turn things around for my failing business. I definitely found plenty of training from lots of people with the “answer to my prayers” promising me “instant access” to the ONE thing that will solve ALL of my problems…
Eventually I came across a product advertising that it would “pay for itself” while teaching me how to sell anything. I thought to myself, this could actually be the answer I was looking for. All I had to do was refer a few people and I would make back what I spent on it…
I bought it and gave it a try. After going through the course, and not making a penny off that product, I tried a few more products with pretty much the same results. Before I knew it, I had spent a lot more then I was making from buying those products.
Which is what led me to that dark place on my bedroom floor that night. I learned something very valuable from a guy by the name of Ray Higdon, who said “Before every breakthrough, there is a breakdown.” I did have my breakthrough, which I’ll tell you about in a second, but something I came to realize through all of this is that I was buying shovels and not what I really needed.
You may be wondering, “What the hell does he mean by shovels?”
Let me explain
Advice on starting a business onlineDuring the gold rush, tens of thousands of people flocked to the west coast in search of gold (aka 49ers). They were looking to strike it rich (kind of like I was). And what did they need if they were going to snatch up their wealth from the gold laced soil?
You guessed it. They needed shovels.
Now who do you think earned more money during the gold rush? The tens of thousands of people picking up shovels with no idea where to even start digging or the people selling shovels to them?
You’re right again…the shovel sellers! You know what, you’re a pretty smart cookie.
Take for example John Studebaker. Before he raked in his fortune from building one of America’s great automobile companies, he manufactured wheelbarrows for Gold Rush miners.
The Secret Profit Killer for any aspiring entrepreneur will be the SHOVEL SELLERS. If I can offer you any advice for your online business, it would be to avoid the shovel sellers.
“How do you avoid the shovel sellers?” you ask…
They’re not as easy to spot as they were in the days of the gold rush. But they will most likely find you when it gets close to Launch Day for a new product or service…
They can be vague about what they’re offering by pushing you to buy, so you can “see for yourself” without actually explaining what it is or what benefit it will provide your business. OR the extra sneaky ones may be really good at telling you what it is and why you need it but ask them to share their experience using it and you’ll quickly figure out if they’re for real or full of the bullshit they’re trying to shovel you.
You can also check out this article I wrote about how to Avoid Getting The Shaft By Online Scams And So Called Gurus.
Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone trying to sell you something is secretly plotting to ruin your business. There are plenty useful tools and resources for starting and growing your business but it all comes down to two things, your knowledge and skills. Your knowledge and skills will help you to be what’s called a strategic buyer as opposed to an opportunity seeker.
The people who found gold back in the day probably knew what they were looking for and how to dig it up, even if they didn’t always know where to look. They strategically bought the tools and resources needed to accomplish the goals and grow their business. The people striking it rich online today know where to look for the latest products or trends, they know where find the buyers in their markets, and they know how to dig up business!
If you really want to grow your business online, don’t just leave it to the shovel sellers…I mean marketers. Take the initiative to get to know your market, the competition in your space and how you can stand out in the crowd.
Look for the people who can prove that they are getting real results. After that embarrassing night on my bedroom floor, I had my breakthrough when I realized I was buying products from people who were learning all their marketing from the same source. I also realized that it wasn’t the products I needed as much as the process being used to sell the products. So after I caught on to that, I decided to go straight to the source and start learning from them.
Look at it this way, would you rather learn Martial Arts from Bruce Lee or from someone who was a student, of a student, of a student of Bruce’s? Personally I would rather learn directly from the man himself, if it were still an option. In my case, learning from the guys at Elite Marketing Pro was an option so I went directly to the source to step up my game!
Since becoming a member of Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) I’ve been able to generate hundreds of leads on autopilot while also turning those leads into thousands of dollars in commissions. I even did it without dialing a single phone number and trying to convince people to buy.
The guys at EMP were able to show me the truth about building a successful online business based on proven strategies that they practice. They walk the walk and talk the talk!
It’s been a great experience so far and I learn new stuff every time I hang out with them! (It’s one of the perks of being a member of their Acceleration Coaching Program.)
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