Audio Services

Have you heard the full on track in your head, had another producer work on it, and then track hasn’t done the song justice?

Or do you have a track that is nearly finished but it still doesn’t sound as crisp and clear as you intended it to be?

I believe that no one ought to feel uncertain or nervous about sharing their music with the world.

Your message deserves to be at it’s highest quality for the world to hear!

It can take years of time, energy and money through studying, testing, and tweaking to get that radio quality sound you’re after.

However I’ve done all that hard work for you!

Contact to schedule a quick chat where I’ll find out more about you and your project.


Here are some examples of my work:

Jay Blaze – Cool Drinks (Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)

Jay Blaze – Game Changer (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)

JA! – Bodak Yellow Remix (Co-Produced, Mixed, Mastered)

The Fresh Establishment – Money Money (Produced and Recorded)

Here are a list of my services.

Recording Services

Recording: $35/hour engineer rate + studio rate (studio rates vary)

Home Recording: $40/hour + Microphone of your choice (I’ll come to you)

Mixing Services

Vocal Mix: $150 Flat Rate

Pitch Perfect Vocal Mix –  $50/Hour (Pitch Correction with Industry Leading Pitch Correction Software Celemony Melodyne)

Single Track Mixing: $250 per song

EP Mixing: $900 – [$600 in Savings] (max 6 songs) 

Album Mixing: $2000 – [$1750 in Savings] (max 15 songs)

Mastering Services

Single Track Mastering: $50 per song

EP Mastering: $200 – [$100 in Savings] (max 6 songs)

Album Mastering: $500 – [$250 in Savings] (max 15 songs)

Production Services

Lease Tracks: Visit GroovePool Records

Custom Tracks: Please contact for details